After the unspeakable horror that unfolded yesterday, we're now beginning to hear stories of incredible bravery by regular citizens who risked their lives to help others out. And here's one with a Minnesota connection.

David Becker/Getty Images
David Becker/Getty Images

Well, kind of. It seems that Minnesota Twins' broadcaster and Hall of Fame pitcher Bert Blyleven's son was out in Vegas at that country festival when shots rang out. Now, while Bert's son, Todd Blyleven, actually lives down in Texas, his dad is still a proud Minnesota resident.

And, instead of merely getting himself and the rest of the people with him to safety, as most of us would do, Bert's son ran back IN to the concert site in the middle of the chaos to help rescue more people and bring them to safety too.

According to this GO-MN story, it's estimated Todd Blyleven eventually helped between 30 and 40 more people get out of the horror and to safety.

“I just felt like I had to,” Blyleven said told the Washington Post in the story. “I would hope that if me, or my family, was in a situation like that, that someone would come in and get me,” the story noted he said.

Talk about a hero! Well done, Todd! And of course, there are TONS of stories just like this by the brave first responders and men and women in law enforcement in Las Vegas, too.

Despite the horror, there ARE still good people out there. Which is always good to remember after seeing such an unspeakable tragedy unfold...again.

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