I was so excited to wake up to this story in my news feed. It was announced the other day that multiple partners have come together to create a "Sensory Inclusive Space," at US Bank Stadium according to the Minnesota Vikings website. The goal of the room is to create a safe space for those who face challenges like Autism, Down Syndrome, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Dementia.

This new room is located near section 346. The easy way to find it is to look for the HCMC 3M First-Aid Station. The article says this room would not have been possible without all the amazing sponsors. One of the main sponsors is KultureCity out of Alabama. Their site says they are a nonprofit trying, "To Create acceptance and inclusion for all individuals with unique abilities." This group helped design the room as well as train stadium staff, so they can provide an inclusive environment for all fans.

The room has sensory wall activities, toys, low light beans, bean bag chairs and more. Another big partner in the project is Fraser Pediatric Therapy. The website says they will be providing two licensed behavioral therapists at every home game, to provide support for those fans who may be overwhelmed. As seen on the wall, 3M is one of the other main sponsors of the project. The article says they will be providing earplugs and noise-canceling headphones for those who may need them. There were many more involved in the project, but those were just a few who had a big part in making this happen.

We were lucky enough to get some pictures of the facility from the Vikings, so you could see how awesome this project turned out. I have a huge heart for those who deal with disabilities on a daily basis. I truly think it's amazing that US Bank Stadium and the Minnesota Vikings are trying to make the football experience an inclusive place for all fans.

Minnesota Vikings Sensory Room

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