A new survey was just released that lists the states that have the Most Miserable winters. And guess which state came in at the top of the list?

Huge Snow Storm Slams Into Mid Atlantic States
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That's right, it's us here in Minnesota. According to the gang over at the website, Thrillist, we have the Most Miserable Winter in the country. Following us are Michigan, Alaska (Really?!? Our winters are even more miserable that Alaska's?!?), North Dakota, Maine, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Idaho, Montana and Massachusetts.

Now, just how did they go about ranking each state's winter? Well, they really don't say. Unlike some other surveys, there don't appear to be any actual scientific measurements involved; it's merely two guys' ideas of which states have miserable winters.

When it comes just what makes our winters so miserable, here's what they had to say:

" Parts of northern Minnesota see up to 170 inches of snow in the winter. It can get down to -60 degrees. Your sports teams never win championships. All of your good high school hockey players end up starring for NHL teams in other cities. Ice fishing can’t be that cool, really."

So that's it. I don't know about you, but I don't buy it. Sure it's cold and snowy here-- and the winter sometimes seems to last well into March-- but is the most miserable winter in the country really found here in Minnesota?

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