Minnesota's own Senator Al Franken has been making waves lately for his pointed questioning of various experts during recent Senate hearings. And Facebook's lawyer found himself in Franken's crosshairs yesterday.


Experts from several social media companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook were testifying on Capital Hill over the how it was that various Russian entities were able to purchase ads on their respective platforms and interfere with last year's election.

And our Minnesota Senator was clearly frustrated with Facebook's General Counsel, as their testy exchange in this video shows. It reminds me a little of those times when I was a kid and one of my friends was getting yelled at by their parents.

Yikes. I'm glad it wasn't me to whom Franken was talking! (And, politics aside, I kind of find myself in Franken's corner here, wondering just HOW the social media companies didn't catch this stuff WHILE it was going on.)

Anyway, check out the video to see a testy Minnesota Senator take Facebook to task!

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