What's the deal with these speed limit signs that tell you what the speed limit...isn't?!?


Have you seen speed limit signs like the one pictured to the left? I pulled over and snapped a quick pic of this sign along 7th Street in northwest Rochester last week. (Actually, I think it might be in the town of Cascade, but close enough.)

But it's a little confusing, isn't it? I mean, the sign tells you that the 30 mile per hour speed limit ends, which I totally understand. You're heading out of town, into a more rural area, so it makes sense the speed is no longer restricted to 30.

BUT JUST WHAT IS THE SPEED LIMIT?!??!  Is it 45 miles and hour? 50 miles an hour? Or is it the full-blown rural speed limit of 55?!? I'm guessing it's 55, seeing as the MnDOT website lists 55 as the speed limit on "other roads," not in urban districts and not expressways or interstate highways.

But here's my suggestion: Instead of telling us that the 30 mile per hour limit is ending, how about simply posting a sign telling what the new speed limit on the road is?

For instance, in this situation, just put up a 'Speed Limit 55' sign where the current sign now stands.

Boom. You're welcome, MnDOT.

Minnesota speed limit signs, now a lot less confusing... if it were up to me.

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