When Minnesota makes a national list, it's usually only because of something that has to do with the Twin Cities. But not on THIS list.

That's because the gang over at 24/7 Wall Street just put together their annual list of the Largest Employer in Each State. And, usually, you'd expect Minnesota's entry on a list like that to contain some reference to either Minneapolis or St. Paul, right?

Well, not this time. Because, sure, there ARE a lot of large employers in the Twin Cities (I'd have thought maybe Target, the University of Minnesota or maybe even the State of Minnesota itself in St. Paul would take the honor) but the Largest Employer in Minnesota is right here in our backyard. (I'll give you three guesses as to what it is-- and your first two don't count. 😉)


That's right-- Mayo Clinic is the largest employer in Minnesota. I'd thought I'd heard that tidbit bandied about before, but the 24/7 Wall St survey confirmed it once again this year. According to the list, our own Mayo Clinic right here in Rah-Rah-Rochester is responsible for employing 41,691 people, making it the Land of 10,000 Lakes largest employer.

By comparison, over in my home state of Wisconsin, the home of the Badgers-- the University of Wisconsin in Madison-- employs the most people, with 39,000 employees.  And down in Iowa, Walmart takes the top spot, employing 17,218 people.

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