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It's a classic TV show, and it's one that we still like to watch more than any other show here in Minnesota-- but isn't really a surprise if you think about it.

The strange thing about 2020-- well one of the MANY strange things about 2020, that is-- is that while we've all been stuck at home watching a lot of TV, the TV networks have been shut down, as well. Meaning just about all of our favorite current dramas and comedies haven't been able to air new episodes this fall as they usually do.

Which means we've all been doing more binge-watching of OTHER shows-- especially shows and series that have been off the air for a while now that we're either watching again or maybe discovering for the first time.

Like some of the classic TV shows, the shows you'd see on TV Land or ME-TV. Which is why the crew over at CoventryDirect.com just did a survey of the Most Popular Classic TV Show In Each State. Their survey looked at Google Trends data from the last year and used it to evaluate the relative popularity of dozens of beloved, classic television programs.

So which classic show was the most-watched here in Minnesota? The Brady Bunch? Cheers? Friends? Not quite. You've gotta go back to the 70's for this one, but when you think about it, it shouldn't be a surprise that it's still popular here in Bold North. Give up?

It's The Mary Tyler Moore show, which ran from 1970-77 and was, of course, set right here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Mary Tyler Moore starred as Mary Richards, a TV news producer who, fresh off a divorce (though they didn't speak about that then-controversial subject too much back then) takes a new job here in Minnesota, at the fictional WJM-TV in Minneapolis.

Makes sense, right? I mean, there's still that well-known statue of Mary herself, tossing her beret into the air (as she did in the opening sequence of the show), on the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis. It's kind of cool to watch those episodes-- some of them 50 years old now-- and think that they're supposedly taking place here in Minnesota.

Minnesota was the only state where the MTM show was the most popular, though. Nationally, the Brady Bunch and the Addams Family were the only shows that were both most popular in four different states. (You can check the full list here.)

And speaking of TV shows, did you know the following TV and movie stars went to high school right here in the North Star State? Keep scrolling to see how many celebrities once lived here in Minnesota...

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