Forbes has just published their Billionaires List for 2020, and Minnesota's richest billionaire happens to live a little over an hour away from Rochester-- and not in the Twin Cities, either.

I've always wondered what it would be like to be a millionaire. I mean, how would my life be different if I had that kind of money? Well, these days, being a millionaire is apparently not as rich as it once was, because Forbes-- the magazine that tracks these kinds of things-- is out with their BILLIONAIRES list for 2020. And Minnesota's richest billionaire hails from a city only a little over an hour west of Rochester.

If you haven't guessed, according to this year's Forbes list, Glenn Taylor is the richest billionaire in Minnesota. He's the owner of the Timberwolves, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and more. He's from Mankato, just a hop, skip and a jump west of the Med City, and still has a home there too.

He's worth $2.9 BILLION dollars, Forbes says, which ranks him as the 712th richest billionaire on their 2020 list. (That's right, there are 711 other people who have even MORE money than the guy who has the most money in the entire Land of 10,000 Lakes!)

Last year, Minnesota had two billionaires on the Forbes list. In addition to Glenn Taylor, Stanley Hubbard, who owns a bevy of broadcast properties across the country (including KSTP-TV and radio in the Twin Cities) also made the list, with a net worth of $2.1 billion dollars. Yeah, he's doing okay too.

You can check out the richest billionaires in every state on this year's Forbes list HERE. Meanwhile, I'll still be wondering what it'd be like to have a mere million dollars, which is most likely pocket change for those on this year's billionaires list. Sigh...

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