There is beauty everywhere in the world, but some Minnesota cities extend far beyond the standard.

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A mix of Scandinavia architecture, expansive forests, and serene lakes encapsulates this state's great beauty. Naturally, some cities outshine others.

These are the ten most scenic towns in Minnesota.

1. Biwabik

Biwabik is a small town near the trailhead of the historic Mesabi trail. Major attractions include Embarrass Lake and Giants Ridge Golf and Ski Resort.

One-tenth of the land area is covered by water, and most buildings in the town emulate Bavaria and Scandinavia structures.

2. Ely

As a gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, this city is one of the most visited areas in the state, particularly for watersports (aka canoeing).

3. Grand Marais

This is another popular tourist destination. Grand Marais is in the furthest northeast corner of MN, located right on Lake Superior.

4. Lanesboro

Don't underestimate this small town. It's the bed and breakfast capital of Minnesota! The rustic mid-American architecture creates a quaint historic downtown that attracts visitors from all over.

5. Pipestone

city rich in history and natural sights. The Pipestone National Monument is a must-see attraction full of historic quarries, prairies, and a beautiful waterfall.

6. Red Wing

Red Wing is full of charm and stunning bluffs. Recently, the National Trust for Historic Preservation added the town as a distinctive destination.

7. Stillwater

Stillwater has it all: dramatic river views, historic surroundings, and a fantastic downtown area. Plus, it's just minutes away from the Twin Cities.

8. Taylors Fall 

Though usually a busy area, the sights here are immaculate. Interstate Park is perfect for hiking and exploring. Taylors Fall is also home to the oldest public school in Minnesota.

What cities are we missing? I do have to say Winona is another beautiful town. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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