That was hilarious! Tell me you haven't felt the same way! One minute, you're dropping off your little one for kindergarten, and the next - they don't even want you to drop them off anymore, but that's okay because you'd rather get a manicure anyway! haha!

Daily Mail writes, "Mother-of-two Susannah B Lewis, 35, from Brownsville, Tennessee, re-enacted her traumatized reaction when her son first went to school aged five to how she feels about him going back to school now that he is six.

It appears that her changing feelings are reciprocated by other parents after it the blogger and author's video 'Kindergarten vs. Every Other Grade' has been viewed nearly six million times."

Yep! You read that correctly.This video was viewed six million times, and will probably grow by the time you're done reading this post! Rightfully so too! It's hilarious! Were your reactions the same when you dropped your kids off to school then, and are they accurate with the "now" portion of the video?

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