While it wasn't quite as sunny as I'd hoped, the weather this past weekend was still pretty spring-like. Here's how I spent my time...

While I've been a proud Minnesota resident for over 5 years now, this past weekend really reminded me of my Wisconsin roots. First, Friday was National Beer Day, so I celebrated the weekend with one of our cats, Huck, and a lovely glass of Surly Xtra-Citra.

Saturday, we celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday here in Rochester; we enjoyed the beautiful spring day by firing up the gill and tossing on some ribeye steaks.

Sunday, we headed up to Aria in Minneapolis to check out Cheesetopia. It's a festival of Wisconsin artisanal cheeses, put on by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. It moves around each year and always sells out, but my wife was able to score us a pair of tickets. We were able to buy of bunch of some of our favorites to take home.

We then spent the rest of Sunday evening in a cheese coma!  How was your weekend?



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