I had another action-packed weekend, filled with time at the Home, Vacation and RV Show and a quick road trip down to Mason City and Clear Lake, Iowa.

Friday night, I hit up the Home, Vacation and RV Show at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds. While I did successfully complete our Quick Country 96.5 Scavenger Hunt, I was severely beaten by listeners like Donna, Gunnar and Bergen in Giant Jenga.

Saturday, my wife and I headed down to Mason City, Iowa to meet up with some friends. We tried two cool new local breweries (one of our favorite things to do!) in Mason City (Fat Hill Brewing and Mason City Brewing).

We stayed overnight at the way-cool Historic Park Inn, the last hotel IN THE WORLD designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright. It's right downtown and has been completely renovated and restored to the way it looked when it opened back in 1910. It was really cool!

We then headed over to the historic Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake to see one of my friend's favorite bands, Here Come The Mummies. They're a fun funk band based in Nashville, but they dress as mummies-- so you don't know who they really are-- to keep their identities secret. (They're all top-notch, high-end session musicians in Nashville, but want to keep their real names hidden, rumor has it to violate any contracts they have with record labels in the Music City!)

It was a great time. Check it out...


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