If you're a fan of craft beer, here's good news about a new brewery planned for right here in Rochester.


Being from Wisconsin, I've long been a beer fan. But in the last five years, the local craft brewing scene here in Minnesota has been on fire! One of the things my wife and I love to do is head out and try a pint or two of some great local brews, either up in the Twin Cities or here in the Med City.

And now, there's a fifth local craft brewery planned for Rochester. Our fair city already has four great local craft breweries up and running-- LTS Brewing Company, Forager Brewery, Kinney Creek Brewery, and Grand Rounds Brew Pub. And we love to try some great beers at all of them.

But, according to THIS Med City Beat story, Steve Finnie, a local brewer, has found a space and is planning to open a fifth craft brewery. Finnie, the story said, was an avid home brewer who recently worked at Grand Rounds Brew Pub as its head brewer, before leaving earlier this year.

The story said he's still wrapping up all the details-- including a name and location-- for the new brewery, but hopes to have everything ready to go by next summer. I can't wait to try a pint!

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