"Smiling Moose" is now open!

I'm a fan of 2021 so far.  We've got concerts happening again (and free tickets to Blues Traveler if you missed that), COVID vaccine is available for almost everybody, and new businesses opening up all over Southeast Minnesota.  One of the latest businesses to open their doors is the Smiling Moose in Kasson, Minnesota.

Back in January, I shared the news that Kim and Steve White were planning to open a new store called the "Smiling Moose".  The coffee shop is still under construction but the store is officially open at the old HyVee Pharmacy building at 408 West Main Street.

Jessica Williams
Credit: Jessica Williams

What can you purchase at the "Smiling Moose"?

The plan was to serve coffee but truthfully, there is quite a bit more than just coffee at the Smiling Moose.  As soon as the construction is done, you can grab a traditional coffee drink, an espresso, or a tea sourced from Fiddlehead Coffee Roasters, Trail Creek Coffee Roasters, and Mandala Tea.  But, if the coffee doesn't tempt you to make a visit, maybe the food will! They will also be serving up sandwiches, soup, baked goods, and convenience store items like candy and beverages. Their gift shop portion of the store will sell Kasson-Mantorville clothing, home decor items, fun gifts for all ages, and also women's clothing and jewelry.  You can see a video of what they are offering at their Facebook page here.

Minnesota has one of the best small towns in Minnesota...but it is NOT Kasson.

Kasson is great.  In fact, I actually used to live there for a few years.  It even has a stoplight!  But it didn't make the list of the best small towns in the United States.  There is ONE dinky town in Minnesota that did make the list and you can see what lucky town in our state was picked below.

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