The Mall of America is going to be home to a very unique family attraction that will take visitors to new heights.

ClimbZone has been announced as a new attraction opening in the coming months at the Mall of America, it will be located on the second level north, and judging by the looks of it, it will need a large space.

ClimbZone is a family-friendly climbing center, but you won't be climbing artificial rocks, instead each climbing wall has its own theme, like climbing a wall of giant donuts, reaching the top of Jack’s giant beanstalk, or climbing Mount Rushmore, each one designed to push kids to their personal limits.

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Safety is of course a priority, and they use a hydraulic auto-belay system that does not rely on another person, climbers are able to control their descent and return to the ground on their own.

Currently, ClimbZone has locations in Chicago, Howell, NJ, and Laurel, MD. They also have a location opening in West Nyack, NY, and of course the Mall of America. No opening date was given, so stay tuned.

Along with the climbing walls, ClimbZone offers high rope courses, laser tag, arcade games, and more. Looking at the pricing in Chicago, it looks like you can expect to spend between $30 - $42 per kid depending on what options you want and $25 for the parents. They also offer birthday party packages, starting at around $400.

They also offer memberships that range from $139 - $229 per 3 months (based on Chicago pricing), again, pricing depends on all the other extras beyond the climbing walls you want to be included.

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