Growing up, my dad always had a football game on television every Sunday. Most times it was the Broncos because they were the only team we could get in Colorado. It wasn't until NFL Sunday Ticket came out that we got every game known to man.

I give mad props to the people that study the game of football and give us all the information about teams that we never knew existed. With the NFL season quickly approaching -- okay, it might not be quick, but it's coming -- a lot of analysts are making predictions on how teams are going to do. Now, these are just predictions, not facts yet.

So let's take the experts predictions and make our own. WCCO posted an article about the NFL analyst prediction of the Vikings going 5-11 this season. They also think that they will lose twice to the Packers. But... is that really how that is going to go? I don't think so! Disclaimer: I don't know everything there is about football and have never analyzed a team like this, so bear with me. This may go epically bad and I hope you make fun of me for it because I'll make fun of myself.

I just moved here and don't know much about Vikings Football, but I do know their offensive line was pretty beat up last year. Starting this season, they are in a lot better shape. After looking at the Vikings website, last season they had around 379.2 yards of offense a game and scored on average 31.5 points a game. If they can keep guys healthy and put up those numbers, Defense won't have to work as hard. The defense did a great job of keeping those rushing yards low of their opponent, but they struggled with passing yards. Reading the quarterback is going to be key to the success of the team. So what is my prediction of their season?? Not including preseason, I think they will go 8-8! What do you think?

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