It might look like it on your latest bill, but RPU actually isn't double-billing you this month. Here's what's going on.

When the Rochester Public Utilities bill lands in our mail each month, my wife and I usually just glance at it (if only to see how much electricity we've used this year compared to last year). We don't look too closely at the specific charges included in each bill.

However, this month I happened to see something that looked a little odd. It was the energy charge. Or, actually, what appeared to be TWO energy charges. Wait a minute, I thought! I need a refund! What's with being charged TWICE?!? They're double-billing me!

If you thought the same thing, it turns out that's completely wrong. RPU isn't double-billing you or me this month. They're actually just adjusting our bills to account for the change is rates. According to RPU's latest edition of Plugged In, their rate for electricity drops on October 1st when demand for electricity decreases and rises again June 1st when demand increases. Which is why you'll see two charges on your bill-- one at each rate-- during this month and again on your bill next June.

RPU explained it like this: "It’s not a double billing. It’s just a prorated adjustment to your bill based on the shift in the rates. The energy customer charge is a flat fee on the billing statement and that will stay the same regardless of how much energy you use," the site said.

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