Now the liquor sales are legal on Sundays here in Minnesota, might we see this happening here too?


It actually happened at a grocery store near Green Bay. It's the story of a fawn who apparently had worked up quite the thirst. Not content just to grab some water at the local pond, this little guy wandered into a local grocery store.

Did he head to the produce section to grab some fresh veggies? No, he headed straight into the store's Wine & Spirits section. (You can tell this was a Wisconsin deer, right?)

Watch the video to see how some quick-thinking employees helped the little feller out-- it's pretty ingenious!

A similar thing once happened to my parents when their dog, Dusty, got loose and ran to the Shopko store near their house. He was big enough that the automatic doors opened right up for him, too. Employees finally corned him as he was running through the candy isle, if I recall.

Check out the video...


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