It happens to all of us, it seems-- a typo on a document or post on social media. Or, on an Olmsted County road sign.


If you happen to be driving along 600th Street north of Byron in northwest Olmsted County, near County Road 5, you might have noticed something was slightly amiss on one particular road sign.

That's right, take a look at the sign on the right in the picture. Your eyes aren't deceiving you-- there's a typo on it. According to the sign, you're about to drive along scenic 'Olmstead County Road 5'. Yeah, that's an extra 'a' there in 'Olmstead County.'

According to ABC-6, Olmsted County officials says the sign's been up for about a year, and they're not sure exactly how the typo happened. The story says the county does plan on fixing the typo, either by patching over the typo or replacing the entire sign.

I feel their pain. When I first moved to Rochester and was working in the newsroom at KTTC-TV, I continually wanted to add that extra 'a' when spelling Olmsted County, too-- I think because it's similar to the word 'homestead,' which, of course is spelled with an 'a'.

But, seeing as our fine county is actually named for David Olmsted (who would go on to be the first mayor of St. Paul, but curiously, never lived here), I quickly learned to leave out that extra 'a' when spelling 'Olmsted'.

Looks like the county sign-makers will have to learn that same lesson, as well.

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