Where did I find such a suggestion? Facebook rumblings. Does that make it true, or mean that it's actually happening? Nope. I had some thoughts on the subject anyway.

This morning I noticed that some Facebook "friends" were chatting about whether or not the Peace Plaza downtown should change its name.

PHOTO: James Rabe for TSM-R
PHOTO: James Rabe for TSM-R

Some folks said yes. Some folks said absolutely not. Here's my opinion: I don't think the Peace Plaza should ever change its name.

I believe this because I feel that anytime you're promoting peace - even if it's just in a name - it's an awesome thing. What else would we call the Peace Plaza instead? The "Theater Plaza"? The "Chateau Plaza"? To me, "Peace Plaza" embodies Rochester's notion of welcoming folks from all over. It's what we're known for. I hope we stay known for it.

Let's keep that tradition (and notion) alive?

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