I sound like a broken record. Yeah, I am totally still bitter about this gorgeous mansion being demolished. It was such a magnificent house. In case you missed it, the Pillsbury mansion had a date with the wrecking ball last week. I originally shared an article talking about how upset people were to see a piece of history on Lake Minnetonka destroyed. The mansion was once home to the Pillsbury family (yes, the brains behind the Pillsbury company) and was one of the most expensive houses in Minnesota.


Well, while the house is no more, you can still own a piece of its history. Some of the Pillsbury's treasures are for sale. There some extremely unique items up for grab including a 17th-century cradle, a 16 person dining room table from 1799, jewelry, handbags and more. My personal favorite, a stunning dollhouse that was once a prop in Guthrie Theatre production.

The estate sale starts September 7th and continues through the weekend. Click here to see more items and find more details. 


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