Growing up my parents only listened to country music. My dad absolutely adored Hank Williams Jr and Conway Twitty. While my mom adored Trace Adkins, Toby Kieth, Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley and so many more. I blame my parents for my love of country music.

In November, we found out that Quick Country 96.5 was going to be working with Trace Adkins because he was making his first tour stop in Rochester.  I had no idea what this meant until a few days ago. I found out on Tuesday  I was not only going to get to meet one of my favorite country artists of all time, but I was also going to get to hang out with him backstage before he preformed.

Trace Adkins and Paisley Dunn
Trace Adkins and Paisley Dunn at the Mayo Civic Center

I'm not going to lie, last night (Thursday) was THE BEST moment in my radio career so far... the crazy thing is I've only been doing radio for a year and a half. ;) What made it even better, getting to meet all of you folks and taking selfies with you! I love hearing your stories and getting to put faces with the folks I talk with on the phone.

Paisley and Stephanie
Paisley and Stephanie at the Trace Adkins concert in Rochester

I brought along my Minnesota bestie Stephanie and we had a night we won't forget. Thirty minutes before the show, Trace's people took us backstage.

Paisley and Tammi at Trace Adkins
Tammi and Paisley at the Trace Adkins concert


Stephine and our "Win Your Place Next To Trace" winner Tammi and her husband hung out while I did stage announcements. I never get nervous to go on stage, but I was a hot mess last night. You would never know this from the video. I'm good at hiding my emotions. Here's exactly what I said.

Once I got off stage, TRACE ADKINS was waiting to meet us. We got to hang out with him for a good 20 minutes or so before he went on stage. We even got a nice little selfie with him! Thank you again to everyone who came and said hello. You truly made my night! I also want to send out a thank you to Trace Adkins and his crew at Pepper Entertainment for putting together such an amazing show! Everyone had loads of fun!

And big thanks to Kara for using the Quick Country app to send us this awesome photo of Trace!

Trace Adkins Rochester
Trace Adkins in Rochester (Credit: Kara)

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