— A pig on the loose in Michigan was apprehended after it chased a woman doing yard work.

The Shelby Township Police posted the photo on Facebook and the image went viral.

The department said in the post: “I don’t have the full story yet, but one of the guys on the road just sent me this… in custody. Can’t wait to hear all about THIS caper. (Owner did call and apparently piggy has been returned home.)”

The woman called 911 saying she ran inside and the pig was distracted by a decorative doorbell.

Officers arrived and were able to throw the pig-perp in the patrol car. He wasn’t happy about it… or maybe he was.

The Department later posted this photo with the caption: “Now we know why that pig is smiling in the first pic!"

photo from Twitter
photo from Twitter

The pig has been reunited with its owner, but not before making a mess in the squad car. Luckily, police write on their Facebook page that the owner cleaned out the officer’s car before taking the pig home.

Story By: Grant (Breaking911 Newsroom) via -Steve Richards ~KWWK

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