Have you heard Dierks Bentley's song "Drunk On A Plane?" He talks about

"Buying drinks for everybody, but the pilot, it's a party."

Well... it was a party in jail for this pilot the other day in Minneapolis. According to the StartTribune a pilot was arrested at the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport Tuesday for being drunk before getting on the plane. Don't worry, this pilot didn't leave the ground. So how was this person caught? The airport does an extra screening at some of the entrances to the planes. That morning, the flight to California happened to be one of them. After realizing this screening was happening, the pilot decided to leave the screening line to the entrance of the plane, according to the article. No that doesn't look suspicious at all. They searched said pilot and found an empty alcohol container. Oops... I don't think drinking and flying is acceptable! According to the article, there's still an ongoing investigation, so the person's identity has not been released.

This story brings up some fun facts. The article states that in the state of Minnesota a pilot's alcohol content has to be below 0.04% before take off. That's super low, but the pilot is allowed to have alcohol in their system. But the federal laws say that a pilot can't leave the ground until 8 hours after their last drink. Let's just say this pilot didn't follow either law and probably won't be leaving the ground any time soon.

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