He first made news Wednesday after being spotted in Cascade Lake in northwest Rochester, and now Quick Country 96.5 has landed the exclusive interview!


Whether or not there actually IS a an alligator in Cascade Lake is still an on-going question. The possibility of an alligator in the man-made lake in northwest Rochester was first raised Tuesday by an area resident, who said both she and her kids spotted a 3 to 4-foot alligator in the water.

Rochester police searched the area for about 40 minutes, but didn't find any evidence of such a critter. That doesn't mean it isn't there, however.

It IS possible there's an alligator in the lake, officials say. So how would it get there? Alligators aren't native to southeast Minnesota, of course.  But there could be one loose in the Med City, if someone let one go, that is.

Like if someone got one as a pet and didn't know what to do with it when it started getting bigger. (Which is why you shouldn't get an alligator as a pet-- among many other reasons, of course.)

But this one just might be real. In fact, the Cascade Lake Alligator called into the show earlier Thursday morning. Check it out...

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