Randy Houser is releasing a new album this fall, and it was a long time comin'! After taking two years to work on Magnolia, the country star has announced that his new album will be released on Nov. 2. The project includes 12 tracks.

The record, which is named in honor of Houser's home state of Mississippi, includes the previously released "What Whiskey Does" in addition to “New Buzz,” “No Stone Unturned” and a song featuring Lucie Silvas called "Our Hearts."  All of the songs included on Magnolia were co-written by Houser. The project helped the singer recapture his creative energy, and allowed him to fully dive back into writing, something that he felt he lost.

“This album was a total reset for me in every way possible. With the last album, I just didn’t have time to create, and it was obvious that it didn’t all come from my guts. Because of that, the music just didn’t feel as genuine,” said Houser in a press release. “When writing for this new project, I knew the production had to lean on songs and melodies, not a bunch of tricks and loops. That was the catalyst for album. So, for the past two years we’ve been focused on trying to find a unique sound and trying to best serve the songs.”

Fans can stay up to date on Houser, pre-order Magnolia and scope out the singer's upcoming tour stops through his official website.

Randy Houser, Magnolia Track Listing:

1. “No Stone Unturned” (Randy Houser, Dallas Davidson)
2. “Our Hearts (feat. Lucie Silvas)” (Randy Houser, Kylie Sackley, Rob Hatch)
3. “What Whiskey Does (feat. Hillary Lindsey)” (Randy Houser, Keith Gattis, Hillary Lindsey)
4. “Whole Lotta Quit” (Randy Houser, Travis Meadows)
5. “No Good Place to Cry” (Randy Houser, Gary Nicholson)
6. “New Buzz” (Randy Houser, Keith Gattis, Jeff Trott)
7. “Nothin’ on You” (Randy Houser, Jaren Johnston, Tony Lane)
8. “What Leaving Looks Like” (Randy Houser, John Osborne, James Otto)
9. “High Time” (Randy Houser, Brice Long)
10. “Mama Don’t Know” (Randy Houser, Jaren Johnston, Tony Lane)
11. “Running Man” (Randy Houser, Jeffrey Steele)
12. “Evangeline” (Randy Houser, James Otto )

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