Many of us have been through our college years were we are broke most of the time looking for the next deal. That was me most of my college life and I definitely took advantage of the different discounts that were out there. Rochester Community and Technical College and the University of Minnesota start classes soon, which means this could help out a few of you. The Real Deal put together a list of student discounts and here are a few of them.

I so wish I knew about this when I was in college, but there is an app/website called UNiDAYS. If you sign up for it, you will get exclusive college promotions to places that you use every day. From my understanding, you can choose which places you spend your money at the most and the app will send you notifications.

Other Deals:

  • Nike- 10% if you sign up with a (.edu) email
  • Pink- If you get the app, you get deals and sometimes you can get 15% off your order (I used this one when I was in college)
  • Under Armor- 10% off your purchase
  • Salley Beauty Supply- You have to sign up for their student discount card and you will get deals each month
  • Adobe- College students with a (.edu) email can get 60% off the Cloud. I wish I knew about this one when I was in College
  • Amazon- You get 6 months of Prime free, you get a discount on your subscription after your free trial (The best place to get books! I used this one a lot)
  • Best Buy- Sign up with your (.edu) email and get promo codes sent to you on specific items.
  • Uber- Gives a discount if you get picked up and dropped off on your campus! That would have been helpful to know two years ago!
  • GrubHub- They sometimes have special offers for students

When it comes to food, it depends on the location. My best advice is to ask the manager when you first start classes to see what kind of offers they have.

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