Let's turn back the clock. It's the 90s and it's a weeknight, and you and your family don't have a practice or game to get to, and no one wants to cook or do dishes, what do you do? Hop in the Griswold family cruiser and stop by your local Old Country Buffet, because the OCB had something for everyone in the family. (Those were the days!)

Social media tossed up an old training video that someone uploaded from Old Country Buffet, it's about 10 minutes long and goofy as all heck, but honestly, I think some businesses today can take a page from the customer service portion of the video...

I know since 2020 buffets have had it tough, but would an Old Country Buffet-type business be able to make a go of things in this post-COVID world? I don't know, businesses are still struggling to find help, and those that are working in the hospitality industry are often doing it to supplement their income, and that can be tough with how on edge we all seem to be.

I really just wanted to share the video, and briefly step back in time to when families would go out for dinner together and it didn't cost an arm and a leg, and you still had enough to go rent a movie afterward.

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The video was served up by the page Nostalgia Video which if you are a product of the 80s and 90s you'll appreciate all the old video clips from commercials and shows that are posted regularly.

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