With President Trump set to make an appearance in Rochester Thursday, can you recall the last time a sitting president appeared here in Minnesota's Med City?


Well, it's actually not that long ago. Sorry if you history buffs were hoping for another reference to when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt hung out with the Mayo brothers at Soldiers Field Park. Sure, FDR was here-- back in 1934-- but there was another Rochester presidential visit a lot more recent than that.

And, actually, as this Post Bulletin story notes, there have been several more presidentials visits since that one, as well-- including appearances by President Truman, President Nixon, President Carter, President George H.W. Bush, and a drive-by of President Obama, who zipped along Highway-52 after appearing in Cannon Falls in 2011.

But for the last time a sitting U.S. president spent some time in Rochester, you have to only go back to September 16th of 2004. That's when President George W. Bush made an appearance here at a rally at Mayo Field. According to the American Presidency Project, then-President Bush appeared here after also making stops across Minnesota in St. Cloud, Anoka and Blaine.

So what were YOU doing in September of 2004? I was living back in Eau Claire, Wisconsin where I was hosting a morning radio show. (George W. Bush also appeared in that city in 2004, too-- back on August 19th of that year.)

What else was going on 14 years ago? Well, the number-one country song on Quick Country 96.5 back in September of 2004 was Keith Urban's 'Days Go By,' and you could buy a gallon of gas for the bargain price of $1.78.

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