Five years isn't all that long ago-- but it sure is enough time for this intersection in southeast Rochester to look completely different!

I'm talking about the intersection where the new Flats on 4th Apartment complex is currently under construction. It's on corner of 4th Street and 3rd Avenue in southeast Rochester. (It's just kitty-corner from the Government Center, and just across 4th Street from the Rochester Farmer's market.)

While the building is now an impressive several story structure, that corner looked distinctly different only a few years ago. And, thanks to the somewhat patchwork nature of how often Google Maps updates its Street View settings (which in this case, isn't too often), we can see all the differences on this busy street corner.

Back in September of 2012 (the most recent images captured on Google's Street View for this intersection) the area where the Flats on 4th now stands was occupied by the one story Buckeye Liquor store. (Where a case of Miller Lite or Michelob Golden Light appeared to be on sale for just $16.99!) The trees along 4th Street near Government Center looked bit smaller, 5 years ago but everything else looks very similar-- until you see how big the Flats building now is.

Go ahead and take a look (Toggle between the current picture I snapped last Friday compared to Google's Street View picture from nearly 5 years ago.)

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