Just a heads up, in case you have a craving for a concrete mixer from Culver's, you are going to either need to drive to the South side or just hold on for a few more days.

I promised my kids today that we would go get some custard from Culver's if we finished up our chores.  The day was perfect and everything was checked off the list.  We jumped in the car tonight to run over to the NW side for our special treat.

Well, turns out, the NW Culver's is closed until September 14th as they continue their expansion.  They started the project in May that will add additional seating, an update to the interior that will create a better flow for staff and customers, and also some additions to the drive-thru spots.

My kids are holding me to my promise and we will be checking out the new changes to Culver's when it reopens!

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