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That wind over the weekend (which will be whipping around again Monday afternoon) pretty much proved it, and sure enough, once again, Rochester has made the list of the Windiest Cities in America.

That's right, forget Chicago. Here in Rochester, WE should be called the Windy City. Because according to this USA Today story, we're one of the top 10 windy cities in the country. In fact, we're ranked 9th with an average wind speed of 12.2 miles per hour, and a maximum wind speed of 90 mph! (It wasn't QUITE that windy over the weekend, but, yeah, 90 miles an hour IS pretty windy, isn't it? That's even windier than our previous 'windiest day,' set back in 2007, when winds were clocked at 74 mph out at Rochester International Airport.)

Heck, according to USA Today, the only cities that are windier than it is here in Rochester are Cheyenne, Wyoming (with an average wind speed of 12.3 mph); Barrow, Alaska (at 12.6 mph); Amarillo, Texas (at 12.8 mph); Kahului, Hawaii (at 12.9 mph); Dodge City, Kansas (at 13.1 mph); Lihue, Hawaii (at 13.3 mph); St. Paul Island, Alaska (at 15.5 mph); and Cold Bay, Alaska (at 16.1 mph.)

Notice that Chicago-- which is nicknamed the 'Windy City,' mind you-- didn't even make the list. So congratulations, Rochester! The data confirms what we've known all along-- especially if you're out on your bike trying to ride against that wind-- it's pretty windy here!

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