We aren't even in October yet and stores are already thinking about Christmas! What happened to Thanksgiving? Did we forget about Turkey day this year? Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it's an excuse to eat as much as you want and no one judges you for it.

Well, I was on a mission this weekend to find some items and had to go to a few different stores. While I was at both Walmart and Target, I saw employees putting out Christmas decorations.  I was shocked by the trees and colorful lights I didn't even know what to think!

Christmas Lights in Target in MN
Christmas Lights at Target in September

I was at Target first. Back right next to their Halloween costumes, they had Christmas lights nicely out on display. It almost felt like they were trying to push Halloween out of the store.

MN Walmart Putting up Christmas Trees in September
Walmart Employees putting up Christmas Trees in September

Walmart employees were working hard this weekend to get their seasonal space turned into "Christmas Land." They had all their fake trees on display and they were working on decorating them. They even put out some of the stand-alone decorations. If I had to bet, they are going to be completely Christmasifed by the end of the week. I think I even saw a box of stockings set aside.

Walmart Putting out their Christmas Decorations in September
Christmas Decorations in September in Minnesota.

It seemed like Walmart was the furthest along. They had a complete section that started with decorations. I'm super sad that we are forgetting about Thanksgiving and are moving straight into Christmas. This means one thing... WINTER is almost here! BOOOOOOOO (pun intended)

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