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The stimulus check love is growing!  Last week, three businesses in Pine Island were surprised with an individual sharing their stimulus check with them.  That stimulus love is spreading and Bravo Espresso, a Rochester coffee shop, was the recipient of some extra cash and kindness over the weekend.

Andrew Meissner who works at Bravo Espresso, one of Rochester's favorite coffee shops, shared a message of thanks on his Facebook page after a loyal customer shared their stimulus check with the coffee shop.

Just the other day one of our regulars came in and asked if she could donate to Bravo Espresso. She came back an hour later and placed a check on the counter and walked away...I flipped it over and was in shock...it was all of her $600 stimulus check...
Thank you Emma & Cory Behnken for your beyond generous donation! Here’s another reason why we love our customers and our community!
She said, You don’t need to do anything to thank us — we love you guys and wanted to do something special to show our support!! but I feel we should celebrate the good done for others.

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