Goonie's Comedy Club in Rochester, Minnesota, has set an opening date!


In May we found out their new location...

New Goonie’s Comedy Club Location in Rochester, Minnesota

The original club closed in 2016, after a decade in downtown Rochester because the building they were operating in was sold. I reached out to find out where the latest version of Goonies will be opening up and was told the new location will be inside the Wyndham Ramada on South Broadway. That's the same hotel that The Crooked Pint reopened in. Read More: Comedy Club Finds New Home in Rochester

Opening Weekend for Goonies Comedy Club in Rochester

Goonie's is doing a private show this Friday, August 26, but the public opening is Friday, September 9th, and Saturday the 10th, with performers to be announced.

The Goonie's Info:

  • WHAT: Goonie's Comedy Club
  • WHERE: Next to the Crooked Pint in the Wyndam Ramada on Broadway South.
  • SHOWTIMES: Friday and Saturday shows: 7:30 & 10 PM shows with nationally touring comedians!
  • AGE: 18+ to attend, 25+ to understand.
  • OPEN MIC: Thursdays at 7:30 PM
  • MORE INFO: Their website is pretty empty, so follow Goonie's on Facebook here.
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