It could be a record-setting weekend here in the Med City, with the potential for something to happen that hasn't occurred since 2013.


So just what are we talking about? Well, how about a really hot day! And, according to ABC-6 meteorologist, Chris Kuball, we'll be looking at one this Saturday.

But it won't just be any old hot day, mind you. Chris posted the graphic below to his Facebook page the other day about how this weekend's heat could be record-setting here in Rochester.

The last time the mercury topped 94-degrees here in Rochester was over 4 years ago, back on May 14th, 2013. (And that was less than two weeks after we had that weird May snowstorm that dumped over 15 inches of snow on us, too!)

And with high temperatures expected to reach the mid 90's on Saturday, we could set a new record. Or, at least break our over 4-year streak of not-quite-so-hot weather, that is.

So, consider yourself warned. You might want to make sure your air conditioning works, or see if you can get yourself invited over to that one friend who has a swimming pool, because Saturday looks like it'll be a hot one!

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