Our own Rochester ninja Roo trains here, and now so can you! 

Photo Credit: Joshua Grennel
Photo Credit: Joshua Grennel

J.E.T.S. Gymnastics Gym now has an adult Ninja Warrior course.

J.E.T.S. owner David Arnett tells me:

"After watching the show for several seasons, I knew ninja training belonged in Rochester, and I wanted to be the person to facilitate that. I realized it was going to be a great complement to our gymnastics program. I was able to connect with Roo Yori, and we hit it off right away. Together we decided to start the new company Ninja Athletics. Our collaboration has been incredible, and we are so excited to be able to offer ninja training to our community. For me personally, I love the fact the ninja training is for all ages and abilities. It's a new exciting way to push yourself physically while enjoying your training."

Now at J.E.T.S. you can try the “devil steps,” “salmon ladder,” “warped walls,” and monkey bars.

Yori won’t just be training at J.E.T.S., he’ll be teaching other adults and children who are interested in being a Ninja Warrior how to perform the popular obstacles themselves.

The Ninja Warrior course is open to the public. You can try it at open gym this weekend, Saturday 6:30-9p and Sunday 9-11:30a.

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