If you've been looking for the BEST decorated house in Rochester, Minnesota for Halloween, I found a place that already has over 130 inflatables in their yard!  And yes...this is the house EVERYONE is talking about.

Check Out The Boyer Halloween Display in Rochester, Minnesota That Already Has Over 130 Inflatables Set Up!

I love how Southeast Minnesota has embraced Halloween.  Families are going all out to bring smiles to kids' faces and it is just awesome.  My favorite Halloween display the last few years is still the Fat Thor that I saw in Crimson Ridge Circle, but there's another really cool house I've seen that is a must to visit.

In case you aren't sure where the Boyer Halloween house is located, just drive to 51st Street NW by Holy Spirit and you will find it.  Seriously, you can't miss it.


Check Out The Rochester House With Over 100 Inflatables Up for Halloween!

One word...AWESOME! If you are looking for a Halloween display that goes all out, you've got to stop at the Boyer house at 51st Street NW in Rochester, Minnesota. They will have a massive display, including a tunnel, and invite everyone to come out and see their display. They usually collect donations to help those facing food insecurity in our community as well. So, bring a few dollars, or $10, and enjoy this amazing display created for you.

Another Reason Why The Boyer Halloween Display is Absolutely Amazing

For the past few years, this house has also been collecting items for Channel One Regional Food Shelf.  Last I checked, they were really close to raising almost $1,000 this year and it isn't even Halloween night yet.

If you do decide to venture to this amazing maze, bring a few dollars to help raise some money for this great nonprofit that helps so many in our community.  Those dollars are needed now more than ever.

How Scary is the Halloween Display at the Boyer House in Rochester?

The one question that I got from a few moms who heard about this place was, "Is this going to be too scary for my little one?". For most kids, I'd say no. It is very tame and mild and there aren't people dressed up pretending to grab anyone. Last year, there were cartoons playing on a tv somewhere towards the end of the maze too. If your little one gets scared easily though, it might be better to see how they react to the massive amount of inflatables that are very easy to see without going into the maze. If you do decide to venture in and they get scared in the middle of it, it is very easy to get in and out too.

If you want a sneak peek, I took a video of the display a few years ago as I went through it last year.  You can watch it here.

You can also follow along with the progress of their setup on the Boyer Halloowen Facebook Page.

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