If you're going to own your own business, you've gotta stand out in the crowd, right? Which is what one local Rochester insurance just did.


Andrew Cooney is a Farmer's Insurance agent located here in the Med City. His somewhat unconventional way of promoting his business attracted a ton of attention online recently.

According to a photo posted to Reddit recently, Andrew would happen upon a car whose parking meter had expired, pay for their parking, and then leave a sign with his business card that stated, "I paid your parking for you... Imagine what else I'm willing to do to protect your car."

Go-Mn picked up the story, as well, and said that it's a tactic Cooney has used here in Rochester before. "Cooney tries to pay at least 20 parking meters every time he goes out for what he calls a 'marketing day,' noting the tactic has resulted in a handful of potential customers," the story noted.

Click HERE to see Andrew's unique sign.

It's a pretty ingenuous marketing plan, if you ask me. If I found a sign like that on my car, I'd be very grateful! Would it get you to give him a call if you found one on your car?

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