Halloween may be over but McDonald's is launching treats with it's new Classic Meal Deal launching today (Nov 1)! You can score yourself a FULL meal for only $6 and its better than you think! Not to mention you are saving around $4 if you would have bought these pieces all separately.

First, you choose your favorite "entrée": the Quarter Pounder with cheese, a Big Mac, 10-piece nuggets or the Filet-O-Fish. Of course, you need some fries and a drink to wash it down which is included but they sweetened up the deal and added an apple pie or seasonal pie to top it off. Talk about an adult happy meal!

But if that's too much food for you, they still have the quick and easy $1, $2, $3! PLUS, they also recently expanded their breakfast menu with 3 new versions of the classic McBreakfast favorites. I'm LOVING it!


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