An international TV crew from Australia was right here in the Med City, detailing what life is like for one Rochester resident.


You might already know that Igor Vovkovinsky lives here in Rochester. He's been called the Tallest Man in America. He's been previously profiled in various shows and magazines not only here in Minnesota, but across the country.

In fact, this Minneapolis City Pages story from 2012 detailed Igor's plight to try to find shoes that fit. (Which, when you stand 7 feet, 8 inches tall, must be a tough thing to do.)

But in a Facebook post making the rounds again earlier this week, the Australian version of the TV show '60 Minutes' reran their profile of Igor. (You can check their Facebook page HERE.)

While it looks like it was filmed here recently-- like, last summer maybe?-- the video that Australia's 60 Minutes shared was actually filmed back in 2012 as well, when crews from Australia followed Igor in and around the Med City. (You can tell the footage isn't from this summer because in the video, O&B Shoes, which closed earlier this year, is still in its old location on the Peace Plaza.)

It's still kind of cool to see if you can recognize other sites where the story was filmed, though. And, it's been pretty popular, too. Since it was reshared back in June of this year, the YouTube video has already been viewed over 4-million times!

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