We're not models, but it was fun to pretend for a night.

In case you missed it, Samm Adams and myself were part of the Style Fashion Show with the Rochester Downtown Alliance last night. She did her thing on the microphone (with Laura Lee from ABC 6 News), and I (somehow?) was deemed cute enough to model.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

I'll start off my saying the highlight of my night was my hair! I felt like a Viking warrior with my side braids. I felt like I could take on any adventure!

The outfits were equally outstanding! I modeled two of them. I modeled for M Gear and Hers. Both outfits were extremely comfortable, and something that I'd choose to wear on my own (as the occasion fits) too.

Take a look at our night, and the looks, below!

Thank you to the Rochester Downtown Alliance for having us!

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