The yellow school bus is an iconic symbol that reminds many of us of our childhood. I went to a private school, so I never road a bus, but we use to see them all the time. This week is National Bus Safety Week and according to KTTC some Rochester students are participating in different ways this week.

Students at Folwell Elementry School went through hands-on training on different aspects of bus safety. They learned how to behave on the bus so the bus driver can stay focused, and how to open the emergency exits in case they may need to use them. The article also says they learned where danger zones are when they aren't on the bus, so they could educate their parents.

One of the big issues we have been facing here in Rochester is folks driving passed a parked school bus with its stop sign out. That is super dangerous especially if a kid were to dart out from behind the bus and the driver not see them. This article says that officials are working on some new technology to help cut back on violators.  The goal is to have cameras in the arm of the bus to help police catch those who ignore the stop sign.

They also say that as a driver you should keep an eye out for kids. Kids are unpredictable espically when they are running late to catch the bus or ready to run home. Like my father always says, that extra half a second could save your life or someone else's.

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