When it comes to eating out, there are a lot of great restaurants across southeast Minnesota. But a new survey has compiled the ten highest-rated restaurants in Rochester.


Now, these ratings are all according to Yelp, which compiles comments and assigns ratings to various places based on user reviews. I use Yelp most often when me and my wife are out of town and not familiar with restaurants available to us.

So, keep in mind that while these ratings do reflect comments and rankings from actual people, they're not necessarily Rochester residents-- they're more likely one of the 3 million visitors our city hosted over the past year.

While there are some I agree with on this Yelp list, there are also some noticeable missing restaurants too. (Hello, Newt's or Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill, anyone?!?)

Do you agree with this list?

Rochester's 10 Highest-Rated Restaurants (according to Yelp)




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