Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - First it was the elimination of holiday editions. Then came the loss of the Friday edition. And now, the Rochester Post Bulletin will be limited to two editions per week.

This is the latest in a series of cutbacks that began a few years ago

 Publisher Chris Blade made the announcement Wednesday, saying the paper will continue to increase its focus on the PB website.

“Beginning July 12, the Post Bulletin will move to a six-day digital E-Paper, Monday through Saturday, and a two-day print delivery schedule on Tuesdays and Saturdays.”

Blade says despite cost-cutting and a recent $1 weekly increase in subscription costs, the large loss of revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic could not be overcome:

“We hoped this would be enough, but unfortunately it is not.”

Blade says the Post Bulletin’s new plan calls for bigger print editions for Tuesdays, Saturdays and e-papers will be produced and posted on the other days.

The newspaper was sold last year.

The sale did not include the downtown property where the newspaper had been located for decades and it soon facing a new look.

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