He made the Med City proud with his appearance on the show last year, and now Rochester's Andrew 'Roo' Yori is set to compete on the show 'American Ninja Warrior' again this season!


That's right, according to a post on Roo Yori's Facebook page, Rochester's own K9 Ninja, as he's known, will be competing in this season's competition in Kansas City.

Last year, in his rookie season, Yori originally competed in the Indianapolis competition and did so well, he not only made to the city finals, but made it all the way to the finals in Las Vegas, too.

There, though, he got tripped up on one unforgiving obstacle. "Unfortunately the dreaded Jumping Spider got the best of me. I had a great rookie year though, and am grateful I got this opportunity to speak out for dogs in need of homes," Roo said on his Facebook page last year.

That's the other cool thing about Roo-- he's a big advocate for homeless dogs. (Which explains that whole 'K9 Ninja' thing.)  He makes countless appearances throughout the year, spreading the word and helping to get the Adopt, Don't Shop, mantra out there.

So, it'll be exciting to watch our local American Ninja Warrior competitor hit the obstacles again this season. Here's hoping he crushes the Kansas City course!

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