Sure, the Honkers were playing the Duluth Huskies Saturday, but there were a lot of others canines who took over Mayo Field too.

Saturday was Bark In The Park night with the Honkers, sponsored by Leashes and Leads and Coulee Bank, and anyone who brought their dog got free admission into Mayo Field. Which meant there were a lot of very cute, friendly pups (and their owners) all over the place!

For a dog-lover like me, it was great to get to meet so many well-behaved and very nice dogs (and their owners). I was always a little bit leary of bringing my dogs out to a public place like that, only because I was never completely certain how they would react to strange dogs in a setting with which they weren't familiar. They were usually fine, but I could never quite relax totally.

But everybody Saturday was great! They were all very well-behaved, and couldn't have been nicer dogs! Thanks for letting me grab a quick selfie (and thanks for the smooches too...)  Take a look...

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