Most of us have had the honor of meeting them, but have we really reflected on what makes them so influential?

I'm still a relative "newbie" in Rochester. My two year anniversary of living here is coming in July. Since then, I've had the chance to meet incredible people that really brighten and strengthen this community!


They inspire us, and we're lucky to have them! Time has their list. I have mine for Rochester. In my humble opinion, they are...

Tim Nela: As one of the friendliest, most respectful and helpful people in Rochester, Nela is the definition of a "man about town" - and we think he represents Rochester well! He's a team player literally and figuratively thanks to his time with Med City Freeze. If he's "never satisfied" you shouldn't be either.

Marcus Sherels: Duh. Seriously though, he's a hometown boy done good, and very humble about his success with the Vikings - scratch that - entire football career. He regularly pops up at charity events and grand openings in the area to support the community. If he's "never satisfied" you shouldn't be either.

Danielle Teal: There's a reason she's known as the "Queen of Kind" in Rochester - and that's because her actions speak louder than her words. She balances this community involvement while being a single mother too. We don't know how she does it!

Alexis Simmons: A fashionista who knows how to network! She's inspiring to watch! Alexis is regularly involved in community events.

Regina Mustafa: I can't think of a single better advocate for those with disabilities, and Rochester's Muslim community. Regina donates much of her time to this advocacy and does her part to speak out against injustice when most of us are afraid to. She's inspiring!

Tyler Aug: Want your video to actually look good? Tyler is the guy to call. Want to discuss the best of Rochester's architecture? He's your guy for that too. He regularly creates amazing videos for local artists and big community events.

Mike Terrill: A huge music advocate for Rochester! If he's recommending music to you, take it as a compliment because he only shares the best! He's well versed in several instruments, and you've probably already seen him playing somewhere in town. He's even developed the "Rochester Posse" with Tyler Aug and Rosei Skipper to keep everyone informed of the growing arts scene.

Chad Allen: Perhaps the biggest arts advocate in Rochester and proud Gallery 24 member! He even made a song poking loving fun at the city.

Cassandra Buck: Involved in the arts in Rochester? You're connected to Cassandra! She's a hometown girl who loves watching this city grow!

Dawn Sanborn: Photography queen! Her work speaks for itself. She shares her skills with others too!

John Sievers: He's on... what... Day 5,000 of supporting numerous Rochester businesses and organizations by wearing their t-shirt!? Seriously, this guy is not just an advocate for the music and arts scene in Rochester, he really believes it's a wonderful place to live.

Sterling Haukom: As a music and nature advocate for Rochester, Sterling is also involved with the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester. He rocks the local music scene solo and as part of other projects. Sometimes he's literally keeping Rochester shows and activities running as he monitors sound! He'll never ask for recognition for it though.

Rochester's Most Influential People

This is all, of course, my opinion. Am I missing someone who deserves to be on this list? Let me know! We can always update it, and I'd love to meet them.

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