The phrase 'alternative facts' has been all the rage this past week. So here are the Top Five Alternative Facts about Rochester.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Holds Daily Press Briefing
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In case you've been living under a rock, the phrase "alternative facts" was first uttered by President Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway on NBC's Meet The Press last Sunday.

According to this CNN article, Conway used the phrase to defend White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's use of figures related to the attendance of President Trump's inauguration that could be clearly proven to be false.

Since then, the phrase has been used to describe just about anything else that's completely untrue. Like, when the Falcons clobbered the Packers in the NFC Championship Sunday. An 'alternative fact' might be: "Nice job Packers, way to beat the Falcons-- #alternative fact."

So, here, then, are the Top Five Alternative Facts About Rochester

+ That's not snow falling, it's currently sunny and 70 degrees! #Alterative Fact (Rochester actually received just over 9 inches of wet, heavy snow Thursday)

+ The Vikings have won the Super Bowl! #Alernative Fact (While they've been TO the Super Bowl four times, alas, the purple and gold have yet to win the big game.)

+ There's plenty of parking downtown on weekdays! #Alternative Fact (While there IS plenty of parking available-- it's usually only plentiful after the workday is over.)

+ That's not crow poop on your car or the sidewalks downtown. #Alternative Fact (There's a very real possibility that actually IS crow poop on the sidewalk or your car. Of course, it could be goose poop, too.)

+ Need world class medical care? Sorry, can't help you. #Alternative Fact (The world-renowned Mayo Clinic, anyone?)

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