Rochester's FIercest Walk-A-Thoner to once again make the rounds to help people dealing with mental illness in Southeastern MN. And she may do it as she did it last year, in air-conditioned comfort for NAMI Walks 2018. I think you'll forgive her. She's 98.

This Saturday is an opportunity for The picture if from last year's walk (scroll down to see more). I caught up with her as she was walking, but didn't have time to be interviewed. At all.

HER: "I do this every year and this year I have a new hip, so I'm on the walker."
ME: Can I ask you a few ques...
HER: "I'm busy walking dear..."

She had places to go and things to do and I was just slowing her down. I love it. We all do need to keep moving, stepping forward. Sometimes we need help doing that, and that's what Saturday is about.


  • WHAT: NAMIWalks Southeastern Minnesota
  • WHEN: Saturday the 22nd
  • WHERE: RCTC Field House
  • WHAT TIME: 11:30 AM Registration, 1 PM Walk Starts
James Rabe - TSM / R

NAMIWalks raises money for our local NAMI, the one right here in Rochester, up on North Broadway, across from the Rec Center. What does NAMI offer for people dealing personally with mental health issues, or their family and friends?

  • Peer Counseling, where people that have been thru it are there to help.
  • Suicide prevention classes, teaching how to hear someone crying for help.
  • Mental Health First Aid classes so you'll know how to talk to someone in crisis.
  • CIT training so law enforcement knows how to interact with someone in crisis.
  • A Speakers Bureau, so your group, students, or business can hear stories and better understand what people right here in Olmsted County are dealing with daily.

Of course, I'm walking and would love your support.

Pictures from last year's walk...

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